For stop number two on the great 2018 brew tour I have ventured out of state to New Jersey.
img_0260-1And the first stop was Departed Soles. It is “Jersey City’s First Brewery”. It might be their only brewery. Since it was not busy the night I was there, which I was told was not the norm, must have been the hella cold temps that night. I was able to chat up the workers. This brewery opened in 2015, my notes say February, started shipping in June and opened the tap room in October. If these dates are not right, any Departed Soles people are welcome to -comment- email- and I will correct. P.S. Doesn’t this sign look like a NYC subway sign?

img_0263-1This is the brewery dog, Bogen. He barked at me when I came in. Maybe he sensed I wasn’t a Jersey Girl? I mean, I am Short, Fat, and Ugly …. but he also, didn’t get up when he barked so …. maybe he was just grumpy.

They sell dog treats, made from spent grain and they add egg whites and peanut butter (I think, didn’t write it down), but I know for a fact, dogs love it them! The reason I know this, is I got a bag, and I took it to .(redacted). and donated it. While I was there, the bartender gave it to a pup, and he spent the rest of his time there looking at the bartender with the, ‘I want another one’ look.

img_0265-1They have flights, but they were so nice about samples that I didn’t get a flight, just kept sampling, and just got a full glass of beer. And such a pretty glass! So I just kept sampling and chatting up the bartender about the brewery and the alcohol laws, which vary state to state. For instance: in New Jersey, they can fill any growler, in Massachusetts the growler has to come from  the brewery. Also in New Jersey, breweries are only allowed to sell beer. They are not allowed to sell any human food (not even chips or popcorn) or other alcohol including cider. Brewpubs are allowed to sell food and other alcohol, it’s a different license, but the beer is not as good since they are focusing on the other aspects of their license. However, Departed Soles shares a store front with Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato Co, they have more than Gelato and they will bring your food into the brewery. I did not order from them while I was at the brewery, but I saw the server from there bring food in. So you can bring food into the brewery. They are also dog friendly (obviously), as long as the dog is not aggressive.

These are the skateboards the flights are served on. As stated previously I didn’t get a flight. I did observe Brant, (you can see part of him in this picture), writing on the skateboard the beers in the flight. As I mentioned before, if I’m wrong, I welcome corrections, just please be polite.

Just a few more thoughts, they have gluten-free beer (first brewery I’ve come across that does), they fill growlers and sell cans. Their Belgian Triple tasted like a Triple, but was more drinkable. Right now they only distribute in New Jersey. They have a giant Four Square game, they used to have a giant Jenga but one of the giant pieces fell on someone.

After my visit, I read on their Instagram they were having a “Tap Takeover” at the Prudential Center, where the Devils play on Jan 22, 2018. In a happy coincidence, I will be at that game. WOOT! Oh and I noticed owner was wearing a Boston College shirt, and there was a Boston College flag in the brewery. Huh, well the beer was certainly tasty, the next time I go to the Rock, I might stop here before/after.


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