The Peekskill Brewery
47 S Water St.
Peekskill, NY 10566

For the record Peekskill Brewery was not supposed to be number three on my list. I had planned for Hudson Valley Brewery and 2 Way Brewing to be numbers 3 and 4 since I was coming to Beacon to watch the game between the Bills and Jaguars at my friend’s house. The weather changed my plans. My original plan was to have my friend drop me at Hudson Valley and I was going to walk to 2 Way, but it was too cold. Not to be deterred from my Brewery Tour, I came up with another plan. Since I was traveling by Metro North train from Beacon to NYC, I would get off in Peekskill to go to that brewery, since it is close to the train station.

This means I had to buy a ticket. My ticket was from Beacon to GCT, I didn’t ask but I am pretty sure you can’t split a ticket you already bought. I thought, no big deal it’s only $x.xx and it’s less than if I bought a ticket from GCT to Peekskill. So I just bought it and asked my friend it she minded if I left early so I could buy some beer in Peekskill. She said she was O.K. with it.

As the train was pulling into Peekskill I could see the brewery, and it looked dark, but the lights on the building were on, and the website said they were open Sunday’s ….. maybe the windows are tinted and that is why they are dark. I got off the train and walked over, there was a note on the door that they were closed. I walked past the note and looked in the windows, mainly because I couldn’t believe it …… yep, closed. I walked back to the train station and I was angry.

img_0291img_0290Not angry because they were closed, angry that they didn’t post it anywhere but on their door. They have a website, they have Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In none of those places was there there a notice, “We are closing because of a private event on 1/7/2018.” A friend said, “You should be incredibly pissed.” Yes I am and I am never going back, I bought some Peekskill beer in NYC, at a bar, and paid twice as much as I would have at the brewery, because I wanted to have pictures of Peekskill Beer in this post, but these are the last Peekskill beers I am drinking. The beer is fine, it’s the principle of it.

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