I was finding it too hard to give a star number to books, so I have simplified my rating to the following. Should be pretty easy to follow.

Waste of time (1 Stars: I will never get this time back, so sad)
Was O.K. (2 Stars: Not as big a waste of time, but still not good)
Liked it ♥ (3 stars: Liked it, good book, but no “have to read” material) ♥♡ Between Liked it and Really liked it
Really liked it ♥♡♥ (4 Stars: Really liked it, recommend it will look for more from this author) ♥♡♥♡ Between Really liked it and LOVE
LOVE ♥♡♥♡♥ (5 Stars: I LOVE Love love this book! Nuf said.)

NRFRU18: Not Recommend For Readers Under 18

You will probably not see too many “Waste of time”, since if a book is that bad, I normally don’t finish it. Same with “Was O.K.”, I try to not finish a book that isn’t thrilling me, an exception would be if it was sent to me for review or I promised a friend I would read it.

The ratings are pretty much the same, I’m just going to put the rating, not the star number. I hope this makes things easier for everyone.

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