img_1278When the group left Defiant because of the wedding we all trouped over to Gentle Giant because none of us wanted to go home. I had already eaten so didn’t order food. Since I had never been there before I decided on a flight. This is how Gentle Giant does their flights, all six beers on tap, obviously they do not fill the pint glasses to the top. I only got 5 because one of the brews had maple in it. Allergies suck. They did allow me to get two of one so I still got 6 mini-beers. Normally when I get a flight I have one or two beers I am undecided on. Not the case here, all were pretty amazing. I liked all the beers in the flight. I would like it better if I had remembered to take notes, but I get intimidated in a crowd.

This brewery serves food, you can see the list on the blackboard, speaking of blackboards, what is it with blackboards and breweries? Is it a nod to old school, like some also have record players and actual records that are played on them? Is it because they are relatively cost effective way to change the beer when a keg kicks and a new one is tapped? I don’t know, I have never asked, maybe it’s in the fine print, “If you want to call yourself a craft brewery, you must list your beer in chalk on a blackboard”, except not all breweries do it. I’m not saying I have an issue with it, I am just wondering.

It is family friendly, no dogs allowed, and while I didn’t ask about tours, you can see the tanks from the tap room. They also have a big screen and the game was on, the player is holding on to his belt, and on Football Sunday they have specials. I learned that from following their Instagram.

Not much else to say, check out the photos below and if you’re in Pearl River, check them out!


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