Format: Trade Paperback
Pub. Date: 5/28/1999
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Type: Library Book
Challenge: Yes
Read: 11/18/2011

“In Breakfast of Champions, one of Kurt Vonnegut’s most beloved characters, the aging writer Kilgore Trout, finds to his horror that a Midwest car dealer is taking his fiction as truth. What follows is murderously funny satire, as Vonnegut looks at war, sex, racism, success, politics, and pollution in America and reminds us how to see the truth.”

While I didn’t like this book as much as the short stories, I would still recommend it. Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘history’ of the U.S. while on the surface ‘tongue in cheek’ and rather simplistic, was quite accurate. He takes complex subjects and reduces them to the bare truth. In this book, everyone is as important as everyone else and we know everything about everyone. The book dips into bad chemicals (drugs?), pollution (cover up?), racism, suicide and pornography in the same manner as the history of the United States. It appears Mr. Vonnegut is making fun of people, while at the same time teaching us how to look below the surface, to see what is really happening around us.

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