Death Masks (The Dresden Files #5) by Jim Butcher
My rating: ✰✰✰
Library Book, E-book, Finished: 5/20/2012

This book starts with Harry on a talk show, with a Vampire and a priest. The Vampire challenges him to a duel and the priest hires him to find a stolen relic. Then his old girlfriend who’s almost a vampire shows up, and some really powerful ugly things are trying to kill him and get the stolen relic.

There are a lot of story-lines going through this book, the threat from the vampires, a new threat, and old friend Michael and the other knights make an appearance.

While I am not in love with these books, I have to admire that Butcher is able to keep all the characters and stories going and straight. People don’t act out of character, and things make sense (as much as fantasy can make sense).

My only complaint is I am getting a little tired of the vampires. I wasn’t expecting so many vampires. But the ending of this book seems to have reduced their numbers significantly.

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