Received ‘Edited Galley’ for ‘Review Only’ in mail – opened book – read until page 113 – closed book, threw up.

My regular readers know (I hope) that I normally do write such short and negative reviews. However, about this book, there can be no other review that I can write. When I read about the plane crash (on page 113) and found myself thinking, “It’s a shame he didn’t die in the plane crash, then I wouldn’t have to read this book.” I realized it was time to shut the book, give it 0 stars and go on with my life.

How I wrote this review is how the book is written, only he covers his life practically from birth on in such a fashion, all the trivial mundane events in his life. The words tedious and boring come to mind. I am afraid if I write more, then this review will become tedious and boring. I always try to be kind with my reviews, I certainly don’t want a reputation as a hater, here the kindness will be to the people who read my review, if you still want to read this book, read a good portion of it before you buy it. Please don’t waste your money.

For those unfamiliar with my rating systems ‘0 Stars: Blech, wanted to leave it in the subway, on the tracks’, I didn’t do this for two reasons, (1) that would be littering and (2) I buy expensive bookmarks and I didn’t want to lose one. However, if anyone is going camping and needs paper to start their campfire, I have about 140 sheets of 20lb stock you can use. Sans bookmark.

Galley recieved for review only
0 Stars

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The author of this book has a blog name of writerspleasure on Livejournal and hangs in a lot of online political groups there, many are shocked he’s “published.”