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When I was at Lithology with Chris I told him I was not going to any new breweries in April. Yet here I am with my third new brewery review. I know Chris won’t be upset, but I feel I owe an explanation. The reason I gave for not checking out new breweries was my other plans for the month, like the Allentown Fiber Festival. 2 Way Brewing Company and Water Street Brewing Co. were both stops on that trip because I have the BEST best friend in the world. Tonight’s stop at Queens Brewery was on my way to Craft Culture for trivia. Which is every Thursday, even though I don’t get there every Thursday. However, Queens Brewery is a stone’s throw from the Halsey Street stop on the L train, which is where I get off the train to go to Craft Culture. Although I wouldn’t recommend throwing stones, seriously, I almost tripped over it, if you leave the subway at the Covert Street exit it is right there.


Three taps for the win!

Queens Brewery
1539 Covert St.
Ridgewood, NY 11385
My memory is hazy on when I first learned about “Queens Brewery”, I think someone mentioned it, or I saw it on a list of NYC breweries and that is when I started Googling and found this:

Queens Brewery to Open First NYC Location in Ridgewood
By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | March 9, 2015 3:25pm

I then took to Google maps and found – nothing -. Not deterred I kept looking, searching and asking friends, bartenders and fellow patrons. However, things got busy and so I missed their ‘cold opening’, called that because they were having problems with their heat. But they opened, advised people to wear their coats and come drink beer. When I went, these three beers were were pouring, they do have other alcohol, mixed cocktails ‘on tap’. That’s what the small glasses are for (I know you can’t tell how small the glass is by the picture, maybe I should start carrying a ruler with me). The beer is sold in 1/2 liters and full liters in these lovely heavy glasses that remind me of the glasses from a beer garden, or that German pub on 42nd Street.

GRAND OPENING:  Queens Brewery’s Beer Hall Opens this Tuesday in Ridgewood!
Text and images from Queens Brewery

The moment you have been waiting for is upon our neighborhood! Queens Brewery’s new brew hall in Ridgewood, Queens is officially opening THIS Tuesday, March 13th 2018!



Aww it’s so cute!

After having a taste of the Blau (from their website): Seasonal ale, fermented with premium highbush blueberries; which was not my style, I got a Lager, always go with the lager (from their website): American lager, dry-hopped with Summit, Chinook, and UK Pilgrim; then I had the Blvd (from their website): Session IPA, hopped with Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria, and Topaz. The bartender (James) also gave me a taste of their Moscow Mule “on tap”. He got excited when he found out I had come there to ‘check out the brewery and write about it’. He even brought Nelson, the owner over to meet me. I was ridiculously flattered by that.

The brewery itself is nice sized, with a stage for live music and karaoke. Couple of easy chairs, big tables perfect for crafting and it’s well lit. They have a projector (I’m guessing) so you can watch baseball, or hockey, or whatever is on. Pretty sure they will have all the Met’s games showing. They serve hot dogs, brats, kielbasa and sauerkraut; but at the moment will let you bring food in, or when I was there they did. They also have snack size bags of chips and pretzels. Kid friendly, they have the requisite board games, including a really big jenga game. No pets, only service animals. I asked about 32-oz can crowlers, glass growlers, regular cans and Citifield. James wasn’t sure about the 32-oz cans, said they are planning on getting growlers, they will have cans when they get their canning line up and yes, you will be able to get Queens Beer at Citifield. I think that covers it.

Check out their website, much better pictures. Also follow them on Instagram to learn about the cool events they have going on.

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