Brix City Brewing
4 Alsan Way
Little Ferry, NJ 07643

Is small and crowded, and I had to take a freaking bus to get here! That being said, the bus ride was not traumatizing, kind of like best of Bolt Bus and the best of MTA. Not expensive, $9 round trip on Saturday. Not a far walk from the bus stop, of course for a Manhattanite anything less than five miles is ‘not a far walk’. No food – we already had this convo about NJ and food at breweries (hope the taco truck is still there when I get home).

It’s a pretty new brewery, only about 3 years old and the cans have the coolest labels! OK, most craft breweries have uber cool labels, but still ….

If I come back here I definitely have to make it an earlier trip or when there is 18 hours of daylight.

As is my custom, I ordered a flight. At this brewery you pick what beer you want in your flight.  As I was trying to decide which beers I wanted, I realized that I really didn’t care, since I had never been here before, this was just the next stop on Bella’s Fabulous Brewery Tour, and I was just here to soak up the experience of a new brewery and try their beer, so I said. “You know what? Let’s just make it easy on everybody and give me the four beers on the left side.” And that is what they did, and I was happy. Here as is the case at other breweries in NJ, the name of the beer is written on the tray the glasses are placed in. You can see this in the slide show below.

Then as I was sitting at the bar, trying to figure out when I needed to catch the bus to go home. I saw the sunset outside the window and decided I HAD to get a picture of it. Sadly, the picture I took does not look anywhere as pretty as the real thing. The end of my day was, frustration and drama queen! Cause the bus was late, and then – YAY – taco truck is still there when I got home.

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