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9306975Format: eBook
Pub. Date: 7/24/2010
Publisher: Self-published
Type: Fiction, Horror/Fantasy
Pages: 214
Read: 05/12/2013
Rating: Liked it ♥♡

Jenny Morton has a killer touch, literally. When she touches someone they die. After an unfortunate incident in elementary school she was dubbed “Jenny Pox”. To keep everyone around her safe, she is always covered up, including wearing gloves. This has given her the nickname “Jenny Mittens”, also unpleasant but Jenny reasons, better than Jenny Pox. Not being able to touch anyone and not being able to tell anyone, makes for a lonely life for Jenny. Then she meets Seth, who has the opposite power, the power to heal and Jenny can touch him, unfortunately Seth has a girlfriend who also has a power, Ashleigh is also manipulative and ruthless. To keep Seth and to survive, Jenny must learn how to use her “Jenny Pox” to fight Ashleigh.

Not recommended for readers under eighteen.
Book contains profanity, depictions of sex and other adult situations.

I thought this was an interesting ‘power’ for someone to have and I thought the story was carried out in a reasonable way, by having Jenny cover up and wear gloves you see how she is coping, you also see and feel her loneliness. It makes her jumping into a relationship with Seth believable. I didn’t get what Ashleigh was up to, but her actions were well thought out and carefully planned and her objective becomes clear in the end. Also in the end you receive an explanation of sorts of where the powers are coming from. Just as you see Ashleigh plans, you also see how Jenny grows in confidence, having Seth to love her and as she learns to control her ‘power’. I originally thought this book to be YA but there is an advisory with it. This is the first book in a series and I plan on looking for the next book.

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