A Series of Unfortunate Events #1-13
Format: eBook
Pub. Date: 1999 (1st book) – 10/13/2006 (13th book)
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Type: Fiction, Children, Series ~ Library Book
Read: 9/9/2012
Rating: Liked it

When I started reading this series of books, I was listing each one and planning to write a review for each book, I was really just trying to pad my book read numbers. I decided to do just one review, this series is one story, divided into 13 parts. Each book is pretty much the same, the Baudelaire orphans are put into a new home, Count Olaf shows up, in some disguise which fools everyone except the children, and despite the horrible things that happen, they prevail and escape from Count Olaf, only to lose whatever home they have gained and realize once again that the only thing they can rely on is each other since the adults in their life will fail them.

These books have been said to be repetitive, that is one viewpoint, however for me there were differences and along the way it seemed that the books were heading to an end, there was a story line of sorts, slowly revealed over the course of the 13 books.

These are for children, and although horrible things happen, the tone the book sets makes them not scary, in a sense they are kind of ridiculous. I enjoyed reading them.

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