Pub. Date: November 2007
Publisher: Sterling Publishing
Non-Fiction, True Crime
4 stars

This is another compilation of true crime accounts. It covers ‘Serial Killers’, with the loose definition of a serial killer being a person who kills multiple people with a cooling off period between. There are some that have issues with that definition.

However I am not here to debate that. This book covers killers from Dr. William Palmer of Rugeley, Staffordshire, Britain, the first documented murder he committed was in 1846, it continues down to our day, the last account being of Angel Resendiz who committed his first murder in 1997. Mr. Murray has researched crime accounts from around the world for this book. There are 36 accounts in this book, some are of pair or couples that killed together.

Mr. Murray had done an excellent job of condensing the details of these crime into a few pages, the average page number is 8. I felt that he gave an appropriate amount of detail, he covers the crime, not a lot of detail on the investigation, but does tell how the suspect was caught and pertinent details from the trial and what punishment he or she received.

I gave this book 4 stars and recommend it to true crime readers that enjoy the ‘short story’ version of true crime.

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