Many thanks to Kerrie (seriously addicted to crime fiction) at MYSTERIES in PARADISE who has given me this award.

This award which is given to new blogs and blogging friends.

The rules to follow are:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

The recipients are:

  1. Marie Burton at The Burton Review
  2. Danielle at Danielle’s Book Thoughts
  3. Kathy at Oklahoma Booklady
  4. Yvette Kelly at True Crime Book Reviews
  5. Mishel at mis(h)takes
  6. Melissa at Book Nut
  7. Alyce at At Home With Books
  8. Annie at Annie’s blog
  9. Jill at Breaking the Spine
  10. readandbreathe at Reading is Breathing
  11. Mary Anne at The Stiletto Mom
  12. Kathrin at Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic
  13. Sassy Britches at Well okay, Sassy Britches!
  14. diamondgirl at Readers Delight
  15. Cheryl and Amber at Just Your Typical Book Blog
  16. Iota at Not wrong, just different
  17. Captain Dumbass at Us and Them
  18. Jess at This Life Is Mine
  19. Smilingsal at Book Critiques
  20. Marcy at Ramblings of an Eclectic Orchid

So not all these are new or even new to me, to be perfectly honest, I don’t remember exactly when I started following them. I am pretty sure I have not awarded any of them with an award yet.

And I realize that I went over the number, I just kept finding blogs I wanted to include. Also, I know that some people don’t pass on awards or even like to participate so this takes care of those bloggers and no one has to feel obligated.

Got it posted and passed on, now just to notify the recipients, tomorrow.

About Belleza

I got the name Bella because my grandfather called me Suzabell. I use that as a username and my friends on the site started calling me Bella. Thus was born: Bella Foxx's Life, now known as "just a city girl" since I have made the big jump from the country and am now living in the City, UES. I like to make jewelry (check out my blog "Bella is creative" started April 17, 2008) and write. I like to do cross stitch and knit. I sew, I don't really enjoy it, but I enjoy the clothes. I like to read the Bible, books, magazines, online newspaper articles, blogs, jokes on candy wrappers, ads on the subway, billboards, backs of food boxes, lists of ingredients and recipes, cleaning directions, sayings on shirts. I post my reviews on "Just a girl, living, reading, watching, and writing", on Shelfari, Library Thing and Goodreads.. I am allergic to practically everything: grass, trees, weeds, animal dander, dust, mold, wheat, apples, nuts, fish and coconut. The fish and coconut are so serious I carry an Epi-pen and wear a Medic-Alert bracelet. And last but not least. I love the Yankees.

15 responses

  1. Thank you so so much Bella. I’m working on my post right now.

  2. DeSeRt RoSe says:

    Congrats on your well deserved award and to all the blogs awarded 🙂
    I usually go over the limit too.. since I have so many blogs that I love and would like to pass my awards to.. so I kinda think thats ok 🙂 no award police anywhere 😉

  3. Toni says:

    Congrats on the award..great list of awardees. It is time for me to update my reader and meet new people.. yahoo..thanks.

  4. Bella! Thank you so much for thinking of me! I’m sorry it took me a few days to get over here, I was traveling and somehow your comment got caught up in spam. Thanks so much, you started my day with smile! Have a great weekend, Mary Anne

  5. ♥Kathy♥ says:

    Bella thank you! =)

  6. Jess says:


  7. Marie says:

    Wow look at all those blogs I’ll have to check out.. luckily I am acquainted with a few already.
    I appreciate you thinking of me, and all of us.. and all the time you put into the post in general!
    Whew.. again.. What a List 🙂
    Thanks so much!
    Marie, at < HREF="" REL="nofollow">The Burton Review<>

  8. Melissa says:

    Oh, thanks so much! That’s a pretty award.

  9. SmilingSally says:

    What a nice surprise. I’m so glad you went over the required amount, because that included me! Thank you.

  10. Woo hoo! I love pretty awards. Thank you. I am one of those terrible people that don’t pass these things along. Well, not really terrible, more forgetful than anything else.

  11. Alyce says:

    Thank you so much for the award! I really appreciate you thinking of me!

  12. Oh, my! Thank you so much! I seriously appreciate you thinking of me; I will be sure to spread the love~

  13. Yvette Kelly says:

    Thank you so much Bella.This means a lot to me.Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  14. Kathrin says:

    Thanks a lot for the award 🙂 I feel honored!Kathrin

  15. karen says:

    Pretty award!What a lot of book-aholic blogs there are out there… hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend!