I have come to the conclusion that Jeff Lindsay is one sick puppy. I don’t know what that means about me, since I love his series of Dexter books, Dexter the lovable serial killer. It doesn’t help that when I read his book, the voice I hear in my head is the same as on the Showtime Original Series and I keep seeing that cuties face.

This installment has Dexter being followed by Sergeant Doakes, which has lead Dexter to having to assume a ‘normal’ life, in danger of becoming ‘the world’s first serial killing couch potato.’ He is saved from moving from Dexter Derailed to Dexter Demented by the fact that as he says, this is Miami, and a bigger badder inhuman monster shows up. It’s a case that involves his sister who enlists Dexter’s help to hunt down the killer, but can he do it without becoming his next victim?

Jeff Lindsay keeps the tone light-hearted with his witty patter and clever use of alliteration: Debonair Dexter, Dipsophobic Dexter, Daytime Dexter and my personal favorite Delicate Dimpled Dexter.

This is a quick and enjoyable read. Pure entertainment. I recommend this book.

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  1. Very enjoyable blog. Look forward to seeing more!

  2. Bella Foxx says:

    Your comment made me laugh!I am sure you are not the only female in the USA that now has a pet named Dexter!Definitely move it up, these are fun to read.

  3. DeSeRt RoSe says:

    I have had this book in my tbr for so long I don’t know when I will get to it.. I loved the series and even named my cat Dexter 🙂 now who is a real sick puppy?!I have to shift it up in my tbr cuz I really liked your review!!