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GoodEvilFormat: eBook, Kindle
Pub. Date: 2011
Type: Fiction ~ Free from Author
Pages: 416
Read: 4/25/2016
Rating: Was O.K.♥♡

On December 4, 1968, theologian Father Louis Merton visited the ancient Dead City of Polonnaruwa, Ceylon, entered the Cave of the Spirits of Knowledge, and experienced a vision. It’s claimed he found a backdoor to the afterlife. That he looked into the Mind of God and escaped with a secret so powerful it could change all humanity. Bring wars to a standstill. End forever the age-old hatreds between races, creeds and cultures.

Six days later as Merton prepared to announce his discovery, he suffered a horrific death under mysterious circumstances. But the secret did not die with him. He left behind a journal.

The above is from Goodreads. I started reading this book with no description. It was sent to me by the author and I agreed to read it, sight unseen. An agreement I came to regret.

This is the first book of this genre I have read, religious paranormal? Or just religious ….. dogma? I didn’t like it. I only read about 3/4 quarters of it. Yes I finished it, but I skipped some chapters. The problem is if I tell you what I skipped, that would be a spoiler, and I promise spoiler free reviews.

This book follows Ian Baringer, a fallen priest (or rather a disillusioned priest, for reasons that are < spoiler >) and Angela Weber an atheist/agnostic/scientist. She loves him, but hates his religiousness, his need to reconcile his belief in God with all the bad things that have happened to him. He finds a way.

The church (Catholic church) doesn’t want him to succeed. Not being Catholic, I have no love for their dogma and this is why I skimmed some parts of the book. I really didn’t like this book.

Why the 3 stars? (Goodreads rating) I thought the book was well written, it had good character development and the plot was good. I would say if this type of book was your ‘cuppa’, you would probably enjoy it. As for me, I’ll take a pass on any future books in this genre.

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