SliverTruthFormat: Paperback
Pub. Date: 1/2007
Type: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller ~ Library Book
Pages: 427
Read: 6/9/2014
Rating: Liked it

This is the second book about Ridley Jones, it is a continuation of the Beautiful Lies and while I enjoyed it, I am pretty much done with Ridley Jones. All the way through this novel we get a rehash of the first novel, she repeats herself constantly. We learn her dislike for cell phones and why she is a terrible driver, both facts that were covered in the first novel and didn’t really need to be re-explored here. She also jumps forward in time and and then explains her actions and conversations in a memory tense.

There were some things that were downright implausible, she does some rather stupid things, apparently she didn’t learn anything from the first book, and despite saying she loved New York, she had some rather unfavorable and untrue things to say about it.

As in the first book, she is carrying on with her life and suddenly everything turns upside down. She ends up being chased by bad guys and good guys, can’t trust anyone and falls in love/lust with a new guy, the same way she fell in love/lust with the last guy and that relationship went south. At the end of the book, she doesn’t know who to trust but ends up free and with the guy and although the ending leaves room for another book (please God no), if there is I won’t be reading it, I can’t see this series coming up with anything new.

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