SeditionFormat: eBook
Pub. Date: 4/1/2014
Type: Fiction
Pages: 320
Read: 4/05-13/2014
Rating: Was O.K.

This book was sent to me for review.

The setting is 1794 London. Four fathers with five daughters between them. The men are rich but have no titles, therefore they want their daughters to marry young Englishmen with titles and no money. They then come up with the idea of having a concert to display their daughters charms, this requires the purchase of a pianoforte and hiring of a teacher and that is where the father’s plans start to go awry.

One of the father’s goes to purchase a pianoforte, from a pianoforte maker who doesn’t like selling his merchandise. He plans his revenge, a piano instructor with directions to teach the girls more than the piano therefore making them unsuitable for marriage. The daughter also plans her revenge on the daughters, whose supposed perfection is taking the Monsieur away from her.

This novel is listed as historical fiction and to me it seems to be pretty accurate. The fact that the girls and wives are wholly dependent on their husbands and fathers is accurate and other things that occurred, I am sure happened in that time period although they may not have been talked about. The story moves along quickly and there are surprises, as there are surprises in life.

So you may be wondering, why did I give this book a low rating? For some reason, I just didn’t like it, the characters were believable but bland, to the point that I didn’t care about any of them, some of the plot devises were old and tired, to me there wasn’t anything ‘new and fresh’ in this debut novel.

I wrote another review about this book, it is more complete but has a few spoilers, I didn’t give away the ending though. If you would like to read this review click here. The password is in the tags.

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