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acorna3(Acorna #3)

Format: eBook
Pub. Date: 1999
Publisher: HarperTorch
Type: Fiction, Fantasy ~ Library Book
Pages: 416
Read: 12/03/2013
Rating: Liked it ♥♡

Filled with adventure and wonder, Acorna’s People continues the enthralling saga of Acorna, the beautiful, brave, and kindhearted creature known as the Unicorn Girl.

Acorna has found her people and is back with them, but its not what she expected. Even though she is no longer an outsider due to her horn and differently shaped hands and feet, due to growing up with humans, she doesn’t fit in and even offends some. Her attempts to make amends fall flat since some even mistrust her. Then a crisis occurs and Acorna’s offers to help are rebuffed.

Once again Acorna and her friend save the world. It might seem that these would get repetitive with the expected crisis and resolution, however McCaffrey manages to keep it rather fresh by introducing new characters and new scenarios. She also conveys very well how isolated Acorna feels, even with her own kind there is a disconnect.

Another entertaining quick read.

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