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acorna2(Acorna #2)

Format: eBook
Pub. Date: 1998
Publisher: HarperCollins
Type: Fiction, Fantasy ~ Library Book
Pages: 384
Read: 11/25/2013
Rating: Liked it ♥♡

At the end of the last book, the children on the planet Kezdet were being liberated, enrolled in school and are learning actual trades. This next installment involves Acorna wanting to find her own kind, humanoids like her. There are practical as well as sentimental reasons for this. Her “Uncle” Calum believes he knows the general area of space where they will find her home planet. The two of them set off to find it, rather impulsively since it appears everyone else doesn’t want them to go and end up on a planet they were not planning to go to. This lands them smack dab in the middle of a armed conflict.

Meanwhile, the Linyaari appear with a warning about the Khleev and in doing so discover that a little girl they thought was dead is alive, but missing. Acorna needs to be found and something needs to be done about the Khleev, who are coming and are deadly.

Once again we have Acorna acting impulsively, this time she drags Calum along with her. We meet some old friends and foes and discover new friends and foes. The action is fast paced. The characters are again not well developed, you have good, who are very good, and evil who are very evil, and the ones who are good as long as it profits them. But still this was an enjoyable read.

This could almost be considered a young adult book, but there is some violence and adult situations in it.

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