Grave Peril (The Dresden Files #3) by Jim Butcher
Library Book, E-book, Finished: 5/17/2012

The ghosts are getting all riled up, with the help of an old friend, Michael (who happens to be a knight, or as Harry calls him a “Fist of God”) Harry is sending them back to the NeverNever, entering the NeverNever to chase one ghost killing babies they discover she has been tortured. We also meet Harry’s godmother, a Faerie of considerable that Harry entered into a bargain with, as he tries to find out who is torturing ghosts, then his friends, Harry realizes that he is the real target, then the Vampires get involved. Things go from bad to worse.

We met Bianca, a vampire big-wig, in the first book. She makes an appearance in this book, and I’m trying to not give anything away, but the following may be a potential spoiler, there are 3 courts of vampires, Red, Black and White. We meet a sort of friendly vampire, and all these people are aligned to make things bad for Harry.

He finds out who is tormenting the ghosts and ends up banishing him, that is not the end of his troubles but it certainly helps. He has new troubles though, this sets the stage for the next book.

While I find these books to be enjoyable and quick reads, they are just that, a little addictive at first but I am also finding them to be a little repetitive. I have been told they get better with book 5 so I am hanging in there.

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