When a mummy is examined by CT scan and found to have dental fillings and a bullet in it, Medical Examiner Maura Isles and Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli know that it is a modern day murder victim not a centuries old relic. As more carefully preserved bodies show up, they realize they are dealing with a monster. A monster that has been following his intended prey for years, from Egypt to Mexico and back to Boston.

A fast ride like a roller coaster, but like a roller coaster has rails and a specific path it travels, the plot for this thriller is carefully woven and the twists and turns only make the ride more thrilling. Even though police think they know who the killer is, a revelation takes all by surprise, but is not unbelievable and as the detective has an “Aha!” moment, so does the reader. In the end not everyone is who they say they are and yet it is written with such skill that it is not confusing. The full involvement of other characters is not fully known until the end.

I recommend this book.

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