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Most of us book bloggers like to write book reviews- if we don’t love to write book reviews- but here’s today’s question. When it comes to LT (and your blog), do you review every book you read? Do you just review Early Reviewers or ARCs? Do you review only if you like a book, or only if you feel like you have to? How soon after reading do you post your review? Do you post them other places- other social networking sites, Amazon, etc.?

I try to review every book I read. I give priority to ARC (right now I don’t have one). I write reviews about books I don’t like, generally they are shorter than reviews for books I like. I try to write my review the day I finish or the next day, but almost always a few days of finishing. I post my reviews on my blog (here), on LibraryThing and Shelfari. I don’t have a membership with any social networking sites.

About Belleza

I got the name Bella because my grandfather called me Suzabell. I use that as a username and my friends on the site started calling me Bella. Thus was born: Bella Foxx's Life, now known as "just a city girl" since I have made the big jump from the country and am now living in the City, UES. I like to make jewelry (check out my blog "Bella is creative" started April 17, 2008) and write. I like to do cross stitch and knit. I sew, I don't really enjoy it, but I enjoy the clothes. I like to read the Bible, books, magazines, online newspaper articles, blogs, jokes on candy wrappers, ads on the subway, billboards, backs of food boxes, lists of ingredients and recipes, cleaning directions, sayings on shirts. I post my reviews on "Just a girl, living, reading, watching, and writing", on Shelfari, Library Thing and Goodreads.. I am allergic to practically everything: grass, trees, weeds, animal dander, dust, mold, wheat, apples, nuts, fish and coconut. The fish and coconut are so serious I carry an Epi-pen and wear a Medic-Alert bracelet. And last but not least. I love the Yankees.

2 responses

  1. Lenore says:

    I usually find I have more to say about books I really liked and book I really didn’t like than books that were just ok.

  2. Jo-Jo says:

    I like to write my review shortly after reading a book also. I have a question for you…since I am fairly new to blogging yet, I have seen the term ‘LT’ fairly often. What does that mean?