Water Street

img_0772Water Street Brewing Co.
168 Water St.
Binghamton, NY 13901

On our way to the Allentown Fiber Festival, well not exactly on the way, we had to make a slight 2-hour detour. My girlfriend and I picked up our friend Z, who used to date my girlfriend’s son. She refers to us and her mommy and auntie. We spoil her terribly. On Sunday when we were bringing her home we decided to stop for lunch. Since I have the BEST best friend we stopped at a brewery. For context, my friend does not like beer. She will drink it but prefers other beverages. She also was wanting food; this brewery has a kitchen and serves wine and cider in addition to beer. She ordered wine and Z ordered cider. They also both ordered the same burger, which I don’t remember what it was, just that it came with guac, which my friend asked to have it made without. The burger came without guac like she requested but was cooked a little too well done and a little charred on the outside. I got Cajun chicken pieces and they were hand breaded and real chicken and perfectly seasoned.

Of course I got a flight, their flights are 5 glasses, each 5 ounces. My choices are written on the back of the coaster as you can see. 1. Zombie Eater – a stout; 2. Thousand Year Porter – a porter (duh); 3. Red Ryerson Double IPA; 4. Lock It In – New England style IPA; 5. B-Girl – golden pale ale w/ Vienna malt. They were all amazing. I told the bartender that, including the sentence: “Normally I get a flight and there is usually one or two that are ‘meh’, not this time. They were all pretty good.”

Now I don’t know who does their decorating ….. Every brewery has its own individual style. Fifth Hammer has hammers hanging everywhere (I still haven’t asked why /how they came up with the name, or maybe I did and just forgot, they also have a very large stuffed pig on top of one of their tanks. I don’t mean stuffed in the taxidermy way, stuffed as in toy. Something else I never asked anyone about. This brewery is about the average size for most micro-breweries. In the front are some tables, bar in the middle of the room on the left hand side wall; brewing tanks to the left. In the back are the bathrooms, table with requisite board games and a table with bags of malt or grain, you know, beer stuff. Hopefully the pictures can give you a better idea of the size.

As for parking, I am not familiar with the area so I can’t speak to that. Z works near there so we parked in her work parking lot. It’s not open to the public, but it was Sunday and we parked in the middle where she told us to.


2 Way Brewing Company

2 Way Brewing Company
18 W Main St.
Beacon, NY 12508

13 April 2018

While on my way to the Allentown Fiber Festival, I spent the night in Beacon at my friend’s place. Her son brought me here. This is his go to spot for beer. Small and crowded with the requisite assorted board games and giant Connect Four game, tucked away into a little building on the way to the train station.

P got Revolution Red, an Irish Red Ale, the beer that “made me decide to give beer another chance”. I got a taste of Wild Ale, a sour ale. When the bartender asked me if I liked it, my answer was Yes, but I don’t think I’ll get it, it’s too sour for a full pint and here is where my mind got blown. She told me she could dilute it. As in mix it with another beer. I looked at P, he grinned at me and said, yeah, they are very accommodating here. So, I got the Wild Ale mixed with Confusion, a Saison, a style I don’t normally drink, but mixed with the sour it was just about perfect. She mixed it half and half, then said she could top it off either way if I preferred. I drank it just the way it was. I have had beer cocktails, but never have had two styles of beer mixed together. I think I might do some more experimenting on my own. They serve food, but since I had already eaten I didn’t look at the menu and free popcorn, which she never brought but in her defense it was rather jammed. It was Friday night and it is right next to the train station.

There were sharpie markers on the bar, and after seeing some others signing the bar, I decided to do a little self-promotion. Hey, advertising is good right?

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Lithology Brewing Co.
211A, Main St.
Farmingdale, NY 11735

That Meetball Place Farmingdale
206 Main St
Farmingdale, NY 11735

28 March 2018

Another stop on Bella’s Fabulous Brewery tour and another ride on the famous (or infamous) LIRR. This time to Farmingdale, NY. Chris was with me on this trip, and this time we left from Penn Station. This brewery is a very short walk from the train station and this time we did not get lost! I planned this trip to get to Farmingdale before Lithology opened so we could get some food first. We stopped at “Croxley Ale House” on the corner, Cynthia had recommended it, but there was a sign that said you needed two forms of ID to enter. We passed on it and went to “That Meetball Place”. After thinking about it for a while, I decided the sign must be there in case college students try to use their student ID. That Meetball Place was a good choice, service was good and the meatballs were delicious.

We got to Lithology just as they were opening and were greeted by an adorable little pupper. Said pupper (I have forgot the name and whether pup was girl or boy), was wearing a very colorful handmade sweater that looked more like a poncho. I ordered a flight, it is pictured to the left and is the only picture I took.

Small place, dog friendly, no kitchen but they have an arrangement with “That Meetball Place” to deliver food. If we had only known! The bartender was friendly and knowledgeable. Since we got there when it opened it was not busy at all and we had a nice time chatting with the bartender.

They sell cans and will fill growlers, while filling mine she chipped the lip of the bottle. I was a little peeved at that since I can’t get it replaced. Le sigh. Except for that one snafu we had an enjoyable time.

Brix City Tap Room

Brix City Brewing
4 Alsan Way
Little Ferry, NJ 07643

Is small and crowded, and I had to take a freaking bus to get here! That being said, the bus ride was not traumatizing, kind of like best of Bolt Bus and the best of MTA. Not expensive, $9 round trip on Saturday. Not a far walk from the bus stop, of course for a Manhattanite anything less than five miles is ‘not a far walk’. No food – we already had this convo about NJ and food at breweries (hope the taco truck is still there when I get home).

It’s a pretty new brewery, only about 3 years old and the cans have the coolest labels! OK, most craft breweries have uber cool labels, but still ….

If I come back here I definitely have to make it an earlier trip or when there is 18 hours of daylight.

As is my custom, I ordered a flight. At this brewery you pick what beer you want in your flight.  As I was trying to decide which beers I wanted, I realized that I really didn’t care, since I had never been here before, this was just the next stop on Bella’s Fabulous Brewery Tour, and I was just here to soak up the experience of a new brewery and try their beer, so I said. “You know what? Let’s just make it easy on everybody and give me the four beers on the left side.” And that is what they did, and I was happy. Here as is the case at other breweries in NJ, the name of the beer is written on the tray the glasses are placed in. You can see this in the slide show below.

Then as I was sitting at the bar, trying to figure out when I needed to catch the bus to go home. I saw the sunset outside the window and decided I HAD to get a picture of it. Sadly, the picture I took does not look anywhere as pretty as the real thing. The end of my day was, frustration and drama queen! Cause the bus was late, and then – YAY – taco truck is still there when I got home.

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Keg & Lantern

Keg & Lantern Brewing Company
97 Nassau Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11222

My intent was to check out War Flag, I was pretty sure there was no tasting room since there were no hours on Google. It was a very nondescript building with no signs, just a keypad. It looked rather scary and spooky so I ran away.

On the way there I passed Keg & Lantern, which was on my list for last years Brew Tour and I never made it. If I had known how close it was to the G train I would have come sooner.

It looks very much like a bar/pub/tavern. Besides beer they have wine and a full bar. I got a Schwarzbier and a Belgian Golden Strong Ale. Both were very good. They have a full menu with average pub prices but the beer is more brewery prices and you can purchase 4, 10, 20, or 60 (wow) oz beers. You can also get Crowlers (32 oz) to go.

All the signs say ‘brewed on premises’ and there are pictures of the tanks on Google. Considering the location I could see me coming back.


Barrier Brewing Co.

My friend and I went to Barrier Brewing (Website coming soon!) on February 10, 2018. I am slightly behind I know. However, I am still documenting on Instagram so if you follow me, you already know what’s up. I had to include the logo because I just love it. Bright and colorful but simplistic, in a good way! We took the train and getting from our respective apartments to Jamaica, Queens took both of us 2 hours. It normally takes me 40 minutes, this should give you an idea of how the trip started and that wasn’t the only snag of the day. We finally made it to Jamaica and boarded the LIRR to go to Oceanside, that train ride was easy, so easy and so inexpensive I might make this a monthly trip, after my tour is done that is. The brewery is a short walk from the train station. I can’t say how short because we walked down the wrong street first.

No kitchen in this brewery but they have a popcorn machine in the taproom and there was a pizza truck in the parking lot. I tried to convince Chris to get Thai food from a little place I saw when we were on the train but he was not inclined to do so. So we had pizza. It was pretty good. The taproom itself in on the small side, kid and dog friendly. Servers were pleasant, order at the bar like most breweries. I also learned what happened when a keg kicks while your growler is being filled. Beer geyser.

Besides getting my growler filled, they had bottles of stout so I got a couple. I love my stouts. The dark beer above is mine, Chris’s is to the left. Prices are good, ambiance is comfortable. Nice place to just kick back for an hour or two. Which we did, it was nasty weather that day and the brewery was warm and inviting. Almost cozy. We actually started out at the bar and then switched to a table. Then another couple came in and asked if they could join us since it was a four-person table. I love this about New Yorkers, if you have to share a table they are cool. Tourists give you a look like you asked for a kidney. We had a nice, short conversation, much less awkward than sitting across from someone in stony silence.

This sign was in the bathroom. I wondered if they would accept knitted ‘artwork’ for the artist of the month competition.

And I really wanted to ask this gentleman where he got his shirt.

And lastly, my growler and my last beer.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Brewery & Cafe
392 George St,
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

First Beer of the Day

A short walk from the NJ Transit’s New Brunswick station is the Harvest Moon Brewery & Cafe which is where I started my tour on 31 January 2018. My friend Chris was with me which is why there are two glasses of beer. Mine is the dark one appropriately named: Dark Side of the Moon, categorized as a Black IPA or Cascadian Dark Ale; Chris ordered the West Coast Pale Ale. To go with the beer I ordered the Vegetarian Chili and Chris got wings. Harvest Moon is a brewpub, which means it has different regulations than a brewery. Brewpubs can serve other alcohol and food. Harvest Moon also had a cider on their tap list and a full bar. We stuck to beer. It was pretty tasty.

Scottish Ale – Wee Heavy

Next I tried Scotchy Scotchy Scotch Ale, a Scottish Ale, what I would call a Wee Heavy but I’m not sure if that is completely accurate since the ale was rather smooth and not ‘thick’. This was served in a ‘snifter’ glass and also very tasty. As it was not busy we chatted with the bartender who, when we told him we were from NYC asked if we had gotten lost. So I told him about the “Brewery Tour” and he started bringing out beer for us to taste. I tasted the OQ Coffee Porter which was very nice, smooth and not molassesey tasting. The beer was good and the food was also good. The chili came in a tortilla bowl which was rather cool. I got Mostly Citra NE IPA New England IPA in a growler for Cynthia. I am waiting to hear how she likes it.

When we left Harvest Moon we went to Wet Ticket in Rahway where I had Spanktown IPA, Imperial Oatmeal Stout and Kick the Bucket. It may seem like I was drinking a lot, but these three were all half pours. Here we had to take a tour, which can be 2 seconds or 2 minutes (brewery joke) and I took the opportunity to ask what kind of filtration system they used for their water, I was pretty sure they filtered their water and their answer confirmed it. They have a double carbon filter system. I also saw the nice old man I chatted up the last time I was here, but since I was with Chris I didn’t get a chance to talk to him. We then left Rahway and headed to Departed Soles.

Departed Soles Brewing Co.

The decor in Departed Soles just thrills me. It makes me happy just walking in here. I also like that I can get here via Path train, which for me makes it almost as accessible as the NYC breweries and since they distribute to The Rock (Prudential Center) when I come to watch the (mean awful) NJ Devils crush my Sabres, I can at least drink good craft beer while I’m crying. Anyway, back to the ‘tour’. I am considering this part of the tour even though I have been here before since this was the first time for Chris. He was also nice enough to pay for the beer here since I was running low on money. We each got a flight and a beer. The full pour is included in the price of the flight. We shared an apple I had brought just in case we needed a snack. I didn’t note what Chris got in his flight, but he posted it to his Instagram and you can check it out here.


Gluten Free Flight

For my flight I chose the Gluten-Free beers. I know I don’t have to drink Gluten-free, but there might come a day when I do and I would like to know where I can go to get Gluten-Free that are drinkable. These fit the bill. In fact, I like drinking them even though I don’t have to. There were only three on tap so I doubled-up on the Rick Rolled. My flight consisted of “For my homie” Gluten-Free American Style IPA, “Bumper Hops” Gluten-Free New England Style IPA, and “Rick Rolled” Gluten-Free Coffee Stout, the full name is “Rick Rolled-Oat Coffee Stout. I also got a six-pack of Rick Rolled to take home.

Rick Rolled – cans to take home – Gluten-Free – Departed Soles, Jersey CIty, NJ

Somewhere along the way, it might have been at Harvest Moon, the yellow tape was discussed. It was said that with the tape around the lid of the growler, if you get stopped by the police, with the tape on the growler you won’t get ticketed for having an open container in your car. It does kind of make sense.


Stay tuned

Next Wednesday is Brewery Tour day. The main reason I am posting about it now is I am trying to fix my blogs connection to my Google account.


Thanks for your patience.

All aboard NJ Transit

Wet Ticket
1435 Main St.
Rahway, NJ 07065

Today’s brewery is Wet Ticket in Rahway NJ. “Wet Ticket” refers to the individuals who ran for office during the 1930’s with the intent to repeal Prohibition.

img_0378This brewery is a short walk from the NJT Rahway stop. As noted before, breweries in New Jersey are not allowed to sell people food, unlike Departed Soles, Wet Ticket doesn’t have a restaurant right next to it so I had to order from Grub Hub. After a few mix-ups ‘dear GrubHub, I am not in Jersey City!’ I was able to get some take out – which was rather bad. The tap water also tasted bad. Neither of these statements should be taken as a knock on the brewery or the beer, the brewery is roomy, clean, and well lit with a welcoming ambiance, staff was attentive and knowledgeable and the beer was tasty (they must filter their water). They are not dog friendly, but are family oriented, as in the crowd is older and generally well behaved. I had to take a tour before I could be served, and when I got my growler filled, they taped around the cap with what looked like yellow electrical tape. The tour is New Jersey law, I didn’t ask if the tape was NJ law or their policy.

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Here are some pictures. Worth the trip from NYC.

Beer I sampled: Flight with: Pecan Porter, Spanktown IPA, Trolly Hopper, Bipartisan Blone. Glass of Dream Ticket, Kick the Bucket.

To go: In a 32 oz Crowler: Trolly Hopper, in a bottle: Imperial Oatmeal Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels

Peekskill Brewery You Have Failed Me

The Peekskill Brewery
47 S Water St.
Peekskill, NY 10566

For the record Peekskill Brewery was not supposed to be number three on my list. I had planned for Hudson Valley Brewery and 2 Way Brewing to be numbers 3 and 4 since I was coming to Beacon to watch the game between the Bills and Jaguars at my friend’s house. The weather changed my plans. My original plan was to have my friend drop me at Hudson Valley and I was going to walk to 2 Way, but it was too cold. Not to be deterred from my Brewery Tour, I came up with another plan. Since I was traveling by Metro North train from Beacon to NYC, I would get off in Peekskill to go to that brewery, since it is close to the train station.

This means I had to buy a ticket. My ticket was from Beacon to GCT, I didn’t ask but I am pretty sure you can’t split a ticket you already bought. I thought, no big deal it’s only $x.xx and it’s less than if I bought a ticket from GCT to Peekskill. So I just bought it and asked my friend it she minded if I left early so I could buy some beer in Peekskill. She said she was O.K. with it.

As the train was pulling into Peekskill I could see the brewery, and it looked dark, but the lights on the building were on, and the website said they were open Sunday’s ….. maybe the windows are tinted and that is why they are dark. I got off the train and walked over, there was a note on the door that they were closed. I walked past the note and looked in the windows, mainly because I couldn’t believe it …… yep, closed. I walked back to the train station and I was angry.

img_0291img_0290Not angry because they were closed, angry that they didn’t post it anywhere but on their door. They have a website, they have Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In none of those places was there there a notice, “We are closing because of a private event on 1/7/2018.” A friend said, “You should be incredibly pissed.” Yes I am and I am never going back, I bought some Peekskill beer in NYC, at a bar, and paid twice as much as I would have at the brewery, because I wanted to have pictures of Peekskill Beer in this post, but these are the last Peekskill beers I am drinking. The beer is fine, it’s the principle of it.