img_6778The first brewery on my list for Brooklyn is Other Half. I checked in there on June 15. My next check in for Brooklyn was August. I don’t know what happened in July, other than going to Gun Hill and Bronx Brewery in da Bronx.

My first impression of Other Half was “I was not prepared!” The taproom is small, about the size of Transmitter, but with a lot more people. There was a line going out the door. Then when I got to the counter and didn’t know what I wanted “RIGHT THEN”, she left me to take someone else’s order. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get any beer, it just means “I was not prepared!” No one told me it was small with a mad crazy fan base. It is actually a regular stop for me now since it is on the way to my knitting group at Whole Foods in Gowanus.

img_6970-1On August 3 I went to Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC), I ordered a beer called “What We Don’t See” an American Double/Imperial Stout style beer, although this was my first time at KCBC it was not the first time I had this beer, I had it once before at the Pony Bar. I had not planned any other breweries for the night, then I mentioned I was doing a Summer Brewery Tour to the server.

img_6971“Oh,” she says, “Have you been to Interboro? It’s the next stop on the L train.” After quickly Googling it, I saw I could walk there so I grabbed my stuff and made my way to Interboro. It was rather dark and I was sitting at the end of the bar, I’ll try to describe it. At the back of the room are the taps, there is a bar in front of the taps, the bar makes a right angle turn down towards the front of the room, to the right of this part of the bar is the food preparation area. When the bar gets past this area it makes another right angle turn towards the right wall. This is where I was sitting. Most of the people were up near the taps.

img_6972-1.jpg I got some samples and then ducked into the bathroom. When I came back my glass was gone, so I sat back down to order my beer – and no one came. I started to get annoyed. After a while I decided, he probably thought I left, so I went up next to the food prep area and then I got some service. The beer that Capt Jack is keeping his eye on is Stay G-O-L-D. I decided I should get a little cheese and olive plate, which turned out to be so much food I had to take some of it home. I also got a 4-pack of the Stay G-O-L-D.

img_6979-1The next brewery on my list was Three’s Brewing. You can see by the picture I actually did have a list. When I got to the door of Three’s it looked oddly familiar, opening the door and looking to my right, I saw a window where you ordered your food, yes that looked familiar also, when I got to the bar I knew I had been here before. Well this is Summer Beer Tour 2017, so visits before this year don’t count. After drinking a The Collapse Is Real I was ready to head to Circa Brewing.

img_6981-1Circa Brewing is fairly new to Brooklyn, located in Brooklyn between the Heights and Fort Green. My memory is hazy, I remember it was well lit and the seats were comfy. I got a flight of beers, I got food that was vegetarian and quite tasty. I remember I was not impressed with all of the beer. I tweeted that and got a response from Circa. I always like it when my Instagram photos get liked by the breweries I go to. Since I always tag the breweries I think it’s only fair. 😉

It was about this time I had to take a break from my summer beer tour. I got an infection and was on antibiotics. I bet you are probably hoping I take a break from this post. I did warn you it was going to be long! Actually I only have one more brewery to write about in this post, the rest get their own posts because this was when I decided I wanted to blog about my beer tour.

When I recovered from my infection I went to Five Boroughs which is in Sunset Park, Brooklyn (I love it when googles tells me shit like this). Among the beer I had was Raspberry Gose, Industry Ale and their Pilsner. I got the Pilsner free so obviously I had a few more, or maybe I was just super charming! The lovely girl serving had a septum piercing and I was so jealous! I want one. I took a bunch of pictures and since this is the last brewery in this post, I put them all in. Enjoy!

Free beer is the best 🍻 – Drinking a Pilsner by @FiveBoroughs @ Five Boroughs Brewing Co. —

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