True Stories of the World’s Infamous Murderers, Thieves, and Con Artists
TrueCrimeFormat: Hardbound
Pub. Date: 2006
Type: Non-Fiction, True Crime
Pages: 303
Read: 1/26/2015
Rating: Really liked it ♥♡

This is a big picture book. Not the type you would give a child, some of these pictures would give some adults nightmares, it has pictures of murdered people, including children and murderers. It has chapters on: Outlaws and Anarchists, Mobster and Monsters, Serial Killers, Assassination, and Kidnappings. Each crime or criminal get a page or two and there are a ton of pictures in it.

The first chapter contains the headings: The Wild West, with accounts of Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett and the Earp brothers to name a few. This book includes criminals from all over the world. Mexico bandits, the attack on the Olympics in Munich, Germany, the Great Train Robber in England, mass shootings in Russia, Scotland and Australia. The book also covers white collar crime, Enron, Kerviel, and Madoff. Possible miscarriages of justice. One account that fascinated me was “Murder Inc.”, Assassins for hire, Dial an 800 number and get rid of someone. Mass murders are also included: Johnstown; Luby’s Cafeteria; Waco; the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building; the Unabomber; 9/11; Beslan Middle School Number One; Michael Ryan; Dunblane primary school; Martin Bryant; Columbine; Virginia Tech; Joketa School in Finland; and Albertville School.

The accounts are very concisely written, if you are looking for detailed descriptions of motive and life history and trials, this book does not have them. It does has tons of pictures rendered in exquisite detail.

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