SharonTateFormat: Hardbound
Pub. Date: 2000
Type: Non-Fiction, True Crime, Biography ~ Library Book
Pages: 320
Read: 8/20/2014
Rating: Liked it ♥♡

On August 9th 1969 Sharon Tate – the actress and wife of Roman Polanski – was brutally murdered in her Los Angeles home, along with her unborn son and four others.

While I have listed this book as True Crime, it is really more a biography, it just happens to be the biography of a person who was horribly murdered.

The synopsis on Goodreads, besides having a typo in it says the book is about “the search for the killers, the sensational trials and the history to their 30 year imprisonment.” It is that and so much more. It is a detailed and comprehensive biography of Sharon Tate’s life. Her childhood, her formative years. One thing emphasized is her drive to become a ‘star’, we also read of her great beauty, her wonderful personality and deep love for Roman Polanski. Also how excited she was to become a mother, something that would never happen.

Greg King’s account is so detailed and expertly covered that by the time we get to August 9, 1969, we feel as if we know Sharon. We can almost feel her pain and fear as she realizes she is about to die. It makes an event that some of us may have only viewed in a historical capacity personal. He also goes into the fear that spread through Hollywood and Los Angeles after the murders. He gives a mini history of Manson and the family, minor coverage of the trial and what has happened with the perpetrators and the victim’s families.

Two things I noticed about the book (physical copy), Charlie’s face is superimposed on Sharon’s bodice, I didn’t notice this before someone mentioned it in another review, it is not that noticeable on my book. Also the author and one reviewer mentioned crime scene photos, these were not in my copy of the book, which I got from the library. This is just a heads up that you might see some disturbing pictures if you get this book. Like I said they were not in my book so I can’t say for sure.

Also, I did some additional research into what has happened to the Manson family:

Susan Atkins has died, 9/24/2009 of brain cancer. She tried to get a compassionate release and was denied. She died in prison.

Patricia Krenwinkel is still in prison, her next parole hearing is in 2018.

Leslie Van Houten is still in prison, she has been denied parole 20 times.

Charles ‘Tex’ Watson is still in prison, he is next eligible for parole in 2016.

Bruce Davis was denied parole 27 times before being granted parole, only to have it denied by Governor Jerry Brown.

Bobby Beausoleil is still in prison. Davis and Beausoleil were convicted in the murders of Gary Hinman and Donald Jerome “Shorty” Shea.

I got some of this information from a website: Charles Manson Family and Sharon Tate-Labianca Murders. It appears to be very accurate and well maintained. Also I searched for an organization that Charlie founded “ATWA”, it stands for “Air Trees Water Animals”, they have a facebook page and a website. On the webpage with their mission statement is a link “Manson” where he is described as a “political prisoner” with a link to his website. You can go there and donate to his defense fund because he was wrongfully convicted, he never killed anyone. I also have some prime real estate in Florida for sale and a bridge that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. I’ll give you a real good deal on both.

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