SHarpObjectsFormat: eBook
Pub. Date: 2006
Type: Fiction ~ Library Book
Pages: 272
Read: 7/18/2014
Rating: Was O.K.

After I read Gone Girl, which left me kind of cold, I don’t think I even wrote a review about it here, I said, “NO MORE GILLIAN FLYNN”. As you can see I didn’t stick to that. I got a sample, it intrigued me, and so I got the book. From the library, because if I had actually paid money for this drivel I would be fucking pissed. Some spoilers in review

The story is told from the viewpoint of Camille Preaker, who is a reporter and mentally ill, totally messed up by mommie dearest who never liked much less loved her. Camille is a cutter, except she doesn’t just cut, she carves words into herself. So fresh from this environment and just out of a mental hospital, Camille is sent back to her whack job of a mother by her boss. Of course at this point in the book, he doesn’t know how deranged Camille’s family is. And Camille is not ready to let the world know she has words written all over her body. She even convinced a guy to have sex with her clothes on.

Camille is just there to cover the story, but in the way these things happen in books, she ends up working to solve the crime, not just report on the family and the victims relations with their family and others. And she figures it out, except she’s wrong. I was wrong too.

In Gone Girl, the main female character is a MEAN GIRL, in this book, Camille is not a MEAN GIRL, but we get the idea that she was one in high school. Her mother and half-sister are devious and manipulative and spiteful and venomous. I raced through this book, mainly because I had to find out the ending, but I can’t say I enjoyed it.

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