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17286660Format: Trade Paperback
Pub. Date: 9/10/2013
Publisher: Metropolitan Books
Type: Non-Fiction, ARC
Pages: 256
Read: 11/6/2013
Rating: Was O.K.

I probably should not write a review since I didn’t finish the book. I promised to though and since I don’t see myself finishing this book I feel I should write something.

When I promise to write a review I make a concerted effort to finish the book. I gave it a low rating since I was not able to finish it. I can’t say why, I just couldn’t get into the book, it might have been because of his style of writing or perhaps because I kept having to stop and look up words. It started to be less a book and more a vocabulary lesson. I’m not impressed by people throwing obscure words into their writing, it feels as if they are showing they have a better education than I do. Which Mr. Bacevich does.

I was so disinterested in this book by the time I quit I can’t even remember most of what I read, except that he was comparing the World Wars and Korea to the army today and the army today lost.

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