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Since I am reviewing all three books in this series, it is possible there will be minor spoilers in the last two reviews

TornTorn (Torn Trilogy #1) by Erica O’Rourke

Format: eBook
Pub. Date: 6/28/2011
Publisher: Kensington
Type: Fiction ~ Library Book
Pages: 336 pages
Read: 9/13/13
Rating: Liked it ♥

Everyone has secrets.
Even best friends.

The story begins with Mo ‘Mouse’ Fitzgerald in the emergency room, she tries to find her friend Verity only to be told Verity is dead. Mo witnessed Verity being murdered but by what she is not sure. Whatever they were, they weren’t human.

Thus Mo learns Verity has been keeping secrets and things are not always what they appear to be. In her quest for answers and vengeance for Verity’s death she plunges unprepared into a world of magic and shifting alliances. She also has to keep up appearances at home, working for her mother, trying to get into college and deflecting the investigation into Verity’s murder by a very determined police detective who has a grudge against her uncle.

Throw in some hunky guys and we’ve got the ingredients for a YA Fantasy Series.

This was a quick read, all three books are and I read them one after another. Each one picks up right where the last one stops so they flow very well. Things happen quickly and sometimes the reader can see what’s coming before Mo does. I would say these are predictable YA books but still enjoyable.

TangledTangled (Torn Trilogy #2) by Erica O’Rourke

Format: eBook
Pub. Date: 1/31/2012
Publisher: Kensington
Type: Fiction ~ Library Book
Pages: 313 pages
Read: 9/14/13
Rating: Liked it ♥

Constance started to keen as the air around us began to thrash and twist, the caustic scent of ozone burning my nose. As I watched, her dark gold hair began to lift and kink into knots.

“I’m here. It’ll be okay.” It was the last thing I said before my best friend’s little sister went supernova in the second-floor girls’ bathroom, taking me with her.

Ever since Verity was murdered and Mo survived Constance has hated her, now it appears she has magic powers and so needs Mo’s help. As Verity’s little sister it makes sense she would be magic, but since neither of their parents have powers, as a matter of fact they are both completely clueless, it is kind of head scratching but necessary for the plot.

In getting her revenge Mo thought she had fixed things, but in the world of magic things are going terribly awry. Luc is back to ask for her help and there are some in the magic community who insist that she has to fix the problem SHE caused. It seems to me she didn’t cause the problem, it was their problem to begin with, but Mo feels obligated to Constance. Constance just wants to hurt Mo. Colin wants Mo to just forget about the magic.

This book is more of what was in Torn but the story is progressing nicely, characters are staying in character and there are surprises popping up when you least expect it. Another enjoyable quick read.

BoundBound (Torn Trilogy #3) by Erica O’Rourke

Format: eBook
Pub. Date: 6/26/2012
Publisher: Kensington
Type: Fiction ~ Library Book
Pages: 350 pages
Read: 9/15/13
Rating: Liked it ♥

The problem with writing the review for the last book in a trilogy is EVERYTHING COULD BE A SPOILER! Here goes, you’ve been warned.

Mo has decided to stay in Chicago with Colin, no more magic. As the reader we know this isn’t possible. Magic won’t let Mo go and Colin won’t forsake his obligations. We learn some surprising things about one of Mo’s classmates which explains a lot about why she handled things the way she does.

I thought this last book really tied things up nicely in a satisfying conclusion, while their future is unknown, all the current issues have been dealt with. Another enjoyable read.

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