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GulagThe Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956 by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I really tried to finish this book, I was determined. Then I got sick, when I got back to it after getting over being sick I couldn’t get back into it. Then a person on GoodReads said, “Don’t bother.” or something like that. Normally I don’t let statements like that influence me, but I was already getting tired of it. So this book has gone on my “dnf” shelf on Goodreads.

UlyssUlysses by James Joyce

Literature, as Joyce tells us through the character of Stephen Dedalus, ‘is the eternal affirmation of the spirit of man’. Written over a seven-year period, from 1914 to 1921, Ulysses has survived bowderlization, legal action and bitter controversy. An undisputed modernist classic, its ceaseless verbal inventiveness and astonishingly wide-ranging allusions confirm its standing as an imperishable monument to the human condition. Declan Kiberd says in his introduction Ulysses is ‘An endlessly open book of utopian epiphanies. It holds a mirror up to the colonial capital that was Dublin on 16 June 1904, but it also offers redemptive glimpses of a future world which might be made over in terms of those utopian moments.’

This book I never really got into, I gave it a good try, but it just never engaged me. It’s on my e-reader, I own it, so I might get back to it. I went back to Jane Eyre after 20 years so there’s a good chance I might get back to this book.

4214 (1)Life of Pi by Yann Martel

This was another book that came to me highly recommended. So I tried it. It was rather slow going at first, I kept waiting for the things I had read about in the reviews. This is one of those books that leaves breadcrumbs. I was following the bread crumbs getting interested, then I got sick. When I’m sick I can’t read books, so I started reading reviews, unfortunately I read a book with a spoiler, normally spoilers don’t bother me, but this time, it ruined the book for me. It was a library book, so I can get it again if not knowing how it ‘really ends’ starts to drive me mad.

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