My friends came down to the city yesterday, after getting tea in SoHo, one of my friends wanted to get her nails done. She suggested I take the others to the Strand to wait. That is never a good idea. I bought six books, but since it was the Strand, I only spent $20. Of the six books two were brand-new, and 4 were hard-backs, one of the new books was list priced at $24.95.

  • Bad Seeds in the Big Apple ~ Patrick Downey
  • All Around the Town ~ Herbert Asbury
  • The Boleyn Inheritance ~ Philippa Gregory
  • Faces of Poverty ~ Jill Duerr Berrick
  • Stolen Lives ~ Malika Oufkir
  • Debating Sexual Correctness ~ Adele M. Stan

What books have you gotten lately?

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