MartianChroniclesFormat: Hardbound
Pub. Date: 1946
Publisher: Doubleday
Type: Fiction ~ Library Book
Pages: 182
Read: 2/21/2013
Rating: Really liked it ♥♡♥

The humans have ruined earth and are looking for a new place to ruin live, they come to Mars, the Red planet (I don’t know why Mars, maybe because it is a planet, maybe because the moon was too close in case the earth exploded, maybe Ray Bradbury felt Martians would be cool). The first expeditions were ‘failures’, meaning the humans …..spoiler. It may seem odd to say there are spoilers in a book that was written over 50 years ago, but there is a chance my readers haven’t read it. After all, this was my first time reading it.

Back to Mars, eventually the Humans settled on Mars, the first part of this book is told from the Martians point of view, then after the Humans start living on Mars, it becomes from their point of view. If you read this book, you’ll see why that had to be.

Parts of this book were published in magazines, that gives it a ‘short story’ feel, however they are all strung together and make one story, but with many parts. Ray Bradbury was a master at short stories (Illustrated Man anyone?). His method of telling you what is happening in a way that explains what is going on without actually explaining it makes for an easy read: He started the Flame Birds and they went into town. The Martian Chronicles is a very thought provoking and at times disturbing book, but enjoyable.

My only beef with Ray is he didn’t like ebooks, and so it is hard to find any of his books in that format. However this was a small, hardbound, very pretty book. I almost didn’t take it back to the library. I recommend this book to science fiction fans. Others might not be able to follow it.

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