Foley’s NY Pub and Restaurant
18 W 33rd St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 290-0080

Foley’s is known as “An Irish pub with a Baseball Attitude!” There is sports memorabila all through Foley’s from all sports, but there is more baseball than any other sport. The walls are filled with autographed baseballs in cases, they are arranged in sections, “Perfect Game”, “No Hitter” and so on. Near the ceiling are seats from Camden Yards, Shea Stadium, Fenway and Yankee Stadium. The ladies room is downstairs and on the walls going down there are baseball cards, the walls are completely covered with them. The menu has specials relating to different baseball teams and there are a couple that if you order them, a portion of the profits is donated to that player’s or team’s charity. “Swish and Chips” gives money to Swish’s Wishes and “Dave Robertson Chicken Pot Pie” (which is really good) gives money to High Socks for Hope. There could be others, but I don’t remember.

Since I strive for honesty in my writing, (I see you rolling your eyes!) I have to admit that the first time I went to Foley’s was not a very happy experience. In fact I was sure it was going to be my first and last time, the only time I ever went there. First I got sick, I mean physically sick, I had to stagger down the stairs to the lady’s room in a hurry. Then I left my phone in the bathroom (it was returned to me by a woman wearing a hat), and when I left I tripped on the sidewalk and cut up my hand. Also I might have gotten lost going back to Grand Central Terminal. None of these things were Foley’s fault, but they were then and will forever more be associated with Foley’s. I was also embarrassed, even if no one else knew, I knew. But I did go back.

First of all, this friend of mine kept saying, “Let’s meet at Foley’s and watch the game.” Then she asked me to come to the event she organized with Ken Casey of “Dropkick Murphys“, true confession, I had never heard of them, after searching on YouTube and watching a few of their videos I was hooked (so much so that I am going to see them live next month and can’t wait). Secondly, Foley’s often has fund raisers and special events, a lot of times with ex-Yankees, sometimes current Yankees, once with Cashman, so its a chance to meet them. So I caved and went back, although I was determined not to eat anything. I’ve since adjusted that stance to just fries. There is nothing wrong with the fries, just if you have a picky, sensitive, pain in the …. stomach like I have, you have to be careful.

So what is there to like about Foley’s? Good food, good drinks, competent friendly bartenders and waitstaff, except for the bartender who told me Ray Lewis is a murderer, I don’t like him. I do like the bartender that is a Sabre’s fan, when he was working every TV was on the Sabre’s game. Which is something else to like about Foley’s, lots of TV’s for sporting events and they will try to accommodate you if your team is not the local team. It is first come first pick so I would suggest you get there before the game starts since Foley’s is known as a place to go for non-Rangers hockey. Even if there is a TV available for your game of choice, there might not be any seats near that TV.

One more thing before I go, their website says they are “just across the street from the Empire State building”, they not exactly right across from it, it’s more around the corner and down half a block.

The pictures below were taken by me on one of my many times at Foley’s, yes it has become one of my regular haunts. At least when I’m in midtown.

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