WickedIntentionsFormat: eBook
Pub. Date: 12/1/2008
Publisher: New Horizon Press
Type: Non-Fiction, True Crime ~ Library Book
Pages: 312
Read: 12/13/2012
Rating: Liked it ♥♡

Kevin Flynn is the author of three true crime books: “Wicked Intentions,” “Our Little Secret,” and “Legally Dead.”

The call was a “check on the welfare of”, it went from that to a possible murder investigation, then the sheriff remembered other ‘young men’ who had gone to Sheila LaBarre’s farm and not come back. Men with injuries and a ‘funny color’ to their skin. By the time authorities were able to piece things together and go after LaBarre she was on the run. When she was caught she claimed she was killing pedophiles, but these men had no history of it, no history of abuse. So was Sheila insane or an incredible evil woman? Crazy or a vicious, calculating serial killer?

Kevin Flynn takes us from start to finish in account rich in detail. He gives us the history of Sheila from childhood to her arrest, the facts obtained through interviews and public records. The missed chances from authorities to stop her and the reasons why, in some cases they couldn’t do anything. How she was able to manipulate people to help her. Another solid true-crime account that I recommend.

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