Citizens of LondonFormat: eBook
Pub. Date: 2/02/2010
Publisher: Random House
Type: Non-Fiction ~ Library Book
Pages: 427
Read: 11/24/2012
Rating: Liked it ♥♡

The United States did not want to get involved in WWII, there was a very strong isolationist sentiment in the states. Many felt what happened in Europe would not affect the US. President Roosevelt felt involvement in the war was inevitable but wanted the approval of the American people.

Edward R. Murrow, the handsome, chain-smoking head of CBS News in Europe; Averell Harriman, the hard-driving millionaire who ran FDR’s Lend-Lease program in London; and John Gilbert Winant, the shy, idealistic U.S. ambassador to Britain; each knew that to win England needed help from the US, in more than just the supplies being sent in the Lend-Lease program.

This book details the efforts each of these men to bring this about, how they kept the lines of communication open between Churchhill and Roosevelt. It combines historical facts with personal recollections of those involved through letters and diaries. I found it to be interesting and informative.

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