This is the second Doctor, and I really like him. “The Mind Robber” is the third complete series I have watched of his. I also really like Jamie and Zoe. The thing to remember about Zoe is that even though she is a genius, she is still a teenage girl. As for Jamie, who doesn’t like a bloke in a skirt? Jamie is kind of that blustery friend you wish would shut up at times but are glad he’s at your side through thick and thin. I think his trademark phrase should be “Not without the Doctor!”

In this episode the Doctor has to use an emergency setting because the TARDIS is being swallowed by lava. They end up “nowhere”, despite the Doctor telling them to stay in the TARDIS, Zoe is lured outside and Jamie goes out to rescue her. They all end up in a world populated by fictional characters, good and evil, robot soldiers and a forest of letters, the Doctor has to solve riddles and make use of the fictional characters to escape.

What I like about the Doctor Who series is, the Doctor doesn’t always save the day, the Doctor and his companions working together save the day. Sometimes by following his instructions, sometimes by using their own common sense and knowledge.

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