Recently I’ve been checking Dr. Who DVDs out of the library. I didn’t think to write about the first few I got, but then I realized that I have some things I need to get off my chest about them.

The ones I just got and watched are ‘An Unearthly Child‘, which is the first episode, ‘The Daleks‘ and ‘The Edge of Destruction‘.

I don’t really feel qualified to write a review, I’m not all that familiar with Dr. Who, I have some friends giving me advise. I will say that considering the time it was filmed, the ‘special effects’ are phenomenal, although at times I find myself laughing at some of the aliens and monsters and robot men. In “An Unearthly Child” two teachers(Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright) of Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s granddaughter are concerned about her, follow her and then force themselves onto the TARDIS. The Doctor then refuses to let them get off, since their knowledge of the TARDIS would change things, but then again wouldn’t them disappearing do the same? Anyway, after seeing the inside of the TARDIS, they still insist that Susan is making things up. Since they are trying to force the Doctor to let them go, he takes off for another world.

Now the trouble starts, and everything that happens Ian and Barbara blame on the Doctor, and he reminds them, “You forced your way onto the TARDIS. I didn’t invite you.” Even this is the Doctor’s fault it seems, because he wouldn’t answer their prying questions. It was starting to annoy me and wear on my nerves.

Then in The Edge of Destruction the TARDIS console explodes and everyone gets knocked unconscious. The Doctor says some ‘mean’ things to Barbara and Ian, when the issue is resolved, she very maturely refused to speak or look at him. Now, she knows he was suffering from head trauma, she should have given him a break. I told the Doctor, “Throw the pissy bitch off the TARDIS.” Of course it didn’t happen, he made super sweet and apologized. And then the next episode, …. which I don’t have so I couldn’t watch it.

Something I wanted to mention about the Daleks. I watched the Creation of the Daleks, they had no plan (I guess) to continue the Daleks, they had no idea how big the Daleks would be, how popular, they were just trying to make a good serial.

The next episodes I have are another doctor, so another post.

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