Format: eBook
Pub. Date: 10/1/2001
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Type: Fiction ~ Library Book
Read: 1/21/2012

Winifred Rudge writes children’s books, she has also written a best seller the royalties of which supports her. Working on a new book, a change from her usual fare, she travels to London for ‘research’. She normally stays with her old friend and cousin (by marriage) John Comestor, but when she gets to his house, she finds he is gone and the house is apparently haunted. Winnie becomes obsessed with finding out what has happened to John and who or what is haunting the house.

Included in the story is Winnie’s new novel, or the notes for it. Rather confusing at first because the thoughts spring up in the middle of Winnie doing something. However once I realized what was going on, I was able to follow the two story lines rather easily.

The story of the Ghosts of Christmas (A Christmas Carol) is interwoven in this account along with other stories I am not familiar with. This is ghost story involving old ghosts known for a long time, but not known and also recently discovered. Its all explained in the book.

There are two main characters in this story, two people that have lost something, Winnie and the ghost. The ghost is centuries old and has been searching for a long time, Winnie’s lose is more recent. In summary there is more then one plot line in this narrative and at times it can get confusing, however in the end, all the stories come together and sort of make sense.

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