This review is for ZAGG SmartBuds. I have received no compensation for this review. The sound quality is simply amazing, the ear buds have a microphone and some other nice features that really make them worth the price.

There’s a volume control button (slide) on the cord, and another button on the cord to answer calls, when you get a call, you push the button to talk, and push it again to disconnect the call. This same button turns on your music which is very handy if your phone is locked since you don’t have to unlock your phone to listen to your music just push the button.

The cords themselves are made out of a material that is resistant to tangling up and are pretty and shiny. There are sliding balls on the cords that you can use to make a loop and have the ear buds hang right over your shoulders like in the picture. Instructions on how to do this are included. Wearing the ear buds this way also keeps the microphone at the right height to pick up your voice. The smartbuds also work with Dragon Dictation.

My phone is an iPhone and my boss has an Android, the earbuds work fine with both phones. My boss loves his so much that when he lost them, he immediately ordered a new pair.

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  1. Rita Gurdas says:

    Bella…that sounds really cool. What I like is when you said they were pretty and shiny! I love shiny things and I just got a new cell which is Android. I will be on the hunt for these Zagg

    • Bella says:

      Rita, to get the smartbuds just click on the link in the post. It will take u to the website to order them.

      Happy listening.