This is Jack Ford’s first novel and it is good. He weaves a famous case from history (The Lindbergh Kidnapping) into a crime happening today. The mystery also involve a crime of national importance and stolen journal that the owner desperately wants back, since it ties him to both crimes. The thief is being tracked down by thugs, a prosecutor and a reporter following a story are also trying to find this journal since they believe it will answer several key questions about a modern day smuggling operation. The thugs will kill to get the journal back, and someone is leaking information to them.

I liked this book because although you didn’t get slammed into the action in the first few pages, the author didn’t take forever to get to the heart of the story. The going back and forth in time and from setting to setting was done skillfully, you never had a ‘Huh? Who’s talking here?’ moment. He also gave the prosecutor Stark a background that made the things he did believable, in that he did things that you wouldn’t think a lawyer capable of, but a former Army Special Forces would be. The ending was a minor disappointment to me, things seem to tie together a little too neatly, but it wasn’t a totally unbelieveable ending, it followed the story line. I would recommend this book to people who like thrillers and suspense. There was a lot of violence in the book, but it didn’t have graphic descriptions of the murdered bodies.

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