Front the inside flap: An explosion rips through New York City’s Grand Central Station one morning destroying the train Karen Friedman’s husband, a successful hedge fund manger is riding in to work.

As a regular commuter to New York City, someone who takes the train into Grand Station every day, I have to say, its not a station, its a terminal. Look it up on the website. That being said, (yeah I know, a little OCD of me) now for my review of the book.

On the front of this book is a quote “The Dark Tide takes off like a rocket and doesn’t slow down until the final, shocking twist.” –Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of Power Play and Killer Instinct

I don’t exactly agree with this statement. I felt the beginning was kind of slow, even with the explosion and a hit and run, the possible connection between the two. I felt like I was a little bird being feed bread crumbs, following along a path, and then, OH LOOK! There are cookie crumbs on that other path. So I start down this path, then I look at the other path and I notice, hey those bread crumbs are from cinnamon toast, I love cinnamon toast! But then, there are chocolate cake crumbs on that third path over there!

That is The Dark Tide was to me a gradual increase in speed as I tried to gather all the information from each story line and then they all started to come together into a big pile of crumbs but I knew, I knew I just shouldn’t dive right in. Danger Will Robinson!

Also the final shocking twist wasn’t that much of a shock to me, from different clues in the book, I had a feeling about who one the major bad guys was and I was right. All in all I enjoyed this book, I felt it had a believable plot and good character development. I might even read another one if I can fit it into one of my challenges.

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  1. D says:

    Hi! Just stumbled across your blog because I was searching for Andrew Gross’s newest release, “Don’t Look Twice.” It comes out on March 3rd and Ty Hauck (the character from The Dark Tide) is in this book too, so it should be a good one 🙂 @JKaye- the paperback version of The Dark Tide comes out in a few weeks, according to the Andrew Gross website, so that might be a good time to pick that one up!

  2. I really, really have been wanting to read this book! In 2009, I will have more time for the books I’ve been wanting to read.